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Harmonized Soul

1 Angle Street
Kitimat, BC  V8C 2M7
Tel:  250-639-5604

Harmonize your physical, emotional self and surroundings to balance your life.  Harmonized Soul provide the following services for your overall health and well being:
  • Feng Shui - Home presentations are done on the many areas your life that are affected by clutter in your home, office and business.  Feng Shui helps to bring harmony to you and your environment.
  • Auricular Therapy – Reflexology on your ears for pain relief (your ears, like your hands and feet, have reflex points).
  • Emotional Clearing Technique – Using muscle testing to find out what life event could be keeping you from achieving your goals.
  • Muscle Testing - can also be used to determine some allergies or to aid in determining the number of vitamins or supplements your body may require.
  • Colour Therapy - crystal light balancing as well as colour therapy glasses and light box therapy.
The Harmonized Soul consultant is qualified and trained by the Canadian Institute of Natural Health & Healing as well as the Sheffield School - Feng Shui for Interior Design.