SSG Rental Rescue

42 Bartholomew Street
Kitimat, BC  V8C 2J7
Tel: 250-407-0141

SSG Rental Rescue takes properties from ruined to rented.  They specialize in repairs, maintenance and cleaning of revenue property.  With 10 years of experience managing and servicing over 1,400 units consisting of condominiums, single family dwellings, townhouses, row houses and multi unit apartment complexes, guarantees that you will receive solid advice on what repairs or upgrades need to be done to get your home ready to rent or sell.

They care about protecting homeowner's investments, either by fixing it up, doing repairs as needed, be on call for maintenance concerns and help keep the home well maintained with cleaning services and periodic inspections.  SSG Rental Rescue offers lawn care, snow removal and monitoring of all properties.

The owner has been involved in the rental market in Kitimat since September of 2015 and has worked with various funding and housing agencies in Kitimat and can help tenants find the right resources in the community.  SSG do their best to keep up to date on industry in the area to find out what projects are happening and what is affecting the local markets. They are also familiar with many of the homeowners and apartment owners; helping owners put the right tenant in the right home.  They know the rental market in Kitimat - you are in good hands, but if they can't help you, they will point you in the right direction for licensed Property Management Services or experienced Realtors in the area.

SSG Rental Rescue offers everything a property owner needs for peace of mind in a turbulent market.  They also have access to quality, certified contractors for pest control, major plumbing and electrical, flood restoration and carpet/floor care.  Everything else, they do themselves, saving their clients money and getting their home back to making money in no time.

Call or email them to answer any questions you may have, schedule a walk through and quote for services or repairs.