Dragonfly Hydropower Corporation

1457 Dempsey Road
North Vancouver, BC  V7K 1S8
Tel:  604-339-8892

Dragonfly Hydropower Corporation plans to provide added value to hydropower developments with the objective of permitting, licensing, designing, tendering, obtaining contracts for, financing, constructing, owning and operating hydroelectric facilities.

Currently, Dragonfly Hydropower Corporation has applied for three hydroelectric sites in British Columbia.  The company will seek other renewable energy opportunities within British Columbia and abroad.  The opportunity to develop potential projects now exists because of recent changes to the British Columbia energy plan that will require the imminent development of a large energy supply in and around the Kitimat area.

The British Columbian government has recently announced that BC will be home to the world`s first LNG export facilities that use clean energy. BC LNG Douglas Channel and Kitimat LNG will access clean energy from the Province’s existing grid.  As new infrastructure is built and the industry expands, future energy needs will be served by local, clean energy, with BC’s natural gas used to support energy reliability if required. Discussions are underway now with LNG proponents to assess power requirements for future projects.  The three proposed developments could form an integral part of this vision.

The advantage of a small specialized development company is the relative low cost of bringing a project through the feasibility evaluation and the timeliness of decision making in the early development phases as opposed to large corporations with limited experienced within the British Columbia context.