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Consultants SL&B

326 City Centre
Kitimat, BC  V8C 1T5
Tel:  778-631-2010
Fax: 778-631-2009 

SL&B has two main fields of expertise:

  • Support to primary metal aluminium smelters
  • Respiratory protection

As a key player in all the various stages of start-up in an aluminium production centre and the most advantageous solutions for its clients, SL&B guarantees efficiency and productivity, in accordance with your quality and your health and safety standards.

They master all the dimensions of health and safety management and environmental protection; two critical elements for the supervision of work teams in each division of activity. Professional illness prevention is primarily based on a thorough knowledge about the contaminants inherent to production activities; including the selection, function, adjustment, utilization, upkeep and the appropriate manner of wearing the respiratory protection apparatus. SL&B can assist your organization by implementing the means of personnel protection that are in compliance with all legal health and safety requirements.