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Amazon Springs Water Co. Ltd.

103, 23 Bellerose Drive
St. Albert, Alberta  T8N 5E1
Tel:   780-460-0433
Fax:  780-458-8024

Amazon Springs is over 10 years old and has grown to become the largest water, coffee, vending and break room supply company in the province of Alberta. They are also the only NSF inspected company in Alberta. 

Amazon Springs specializes in industrial and oilfield water and refreshment supply in Alberta and is the largest supplier to this specialized market. As an experienced water supplier and refreshment service provider, they service many of the largest industrial sites in the province with their unique "consolidated service." That is, they can offer one-stop service for any and all of your water, ice, igloo services, coffee, vending machine services, break room supplies, paper products and any other consumables that your site requires. They provide customized proposals and supply agreements that are unique to each site. 

They are a locally owned business with three production and distribution facilities in the province of Alberta. They are proud to have one of the fastest bottling production lines in all of Western Canada.

Their products and services include:
  • Bottled water service - they provide 18.9 litre bottles of water, small bottles (500-591 ml), ice and more. 
  • Full office coffee service - they can equip your office with coffee brewers and a wide selection of coffee and other beverages. Whether you are interested in drip / carafe coffee makers or single-cup brewers, they'll provide you with the right products for your office!